Patricia Ruiz del Portal

Patricia Ruiz from the Portal
Fashion stylist and photographer

From lawyer to stylist and photographer: Patricia had it clear, gave up the gwon and took the camera.

Influenced by the 90s, she always knew that her future was in the world of fashion.

Starting as a stylist was hard, and she slowly realized that for her fashion is more than having a good look but is a vision and an angle. And without any doubt she successfully stepped into the shooting studios as photographer. Patricia combines her work in London as a stylist in Net-a-Porter, with her personal projects as a photographer and stylist collaborating with media such as Vogue Spain, Off Black Magazine or Wonderland Magazine and working for brands such as GAP.

We met with @patriciaerrece at the Hotel Brumell in Barcelona, ​​where we also had the pleasure to work with the photographer @virgilijubero, who took these beautiful shots.

Patricia wears the Tigris and the Tiber collection in gold. // @patriciaerrece


Photographer Virgili Jubero