Elisenda Monté

Elisenda Monté
Founder of Mamita Botanical Skincare.

Behind Mamita Botanical is Elisenda, a young Barcelonian woman who has created a brand of natural and local cosmetics made with love and delicacy of those who love what she does. She makes products that nourish the skin in the most healthy and conscious way, sticking to her own ethical principles and with a transparent manifesto, “the skin is linked to the emotions and is a reflection of the inside aspect”.

Elisenda studied graphic design, although she always knew what she really wanted to do was something related to natural cosmetics. After graduating and few years of professional experiences, she decided to take a break and travel to Central America, during her trip she felt deeply connected with her true self, with her essence and clearly realised that cosmetic was her path and not design. She then, started deepening her knowledge with training and workshops in and out of Spain. Finally, life took her to settle in Argentina, where she rented a workshop and started a self made modest and small production. This was the birth of the soul of Mamita Botanical Skincare.

“MAMITA” wants to honor women. Elisenda says she has always felt a special interest in women, their traditions, what they transmit to each other, the power of every woman … and “BOTANICAL” is a natural and local cosmetics brand working with natural ingredients coming from small local producers such as olive oil, rosemary, lavender … typical from the Mediterranean or the achiote from the Amazon region; mix of selected and manually collected plants, witth no colorant or artificial base creams, and animals free tested.

We met Elisenda @mamitabotanical in the fabulous greenhouse of the Cuitadella Park built by Josep Fonseré, where Sergio de Arrola @rollinghabits shot these beautiful images with his Analog camera.

Elisenda glows with the Indo collection in silver and Sajama pendant from the new collection.



Photographer Sergio de Arrola